Thank You

After two months of ups and downs, I feel well enough to resume my blog.  I thought I’d be back on-line weeks ago, but obviously, I wasn’t.  I learned this week that people who take time away from blogs like mine post a note explaining why.  Live and learn, as the saying goes.  Please accept my gratitude for your concern about my health and your interest in my writing, and my apology for not posting a note to say that I was O.K.  When I’m off-line again, as will inevitably happen, I’ll let you know what’s going on.  I’m glad you care. 

Here’s the update:  My brief hospitalization in early January was probably due to my coming off steroids too quickly.  It threw my body into a tailspin.  These were medications commonly prescribed for people with asthma and breathing problems. My body’s reaction is fairly rare.  I may look like a typical woman, but evidently I’m not! 

So, I spent two months withdrawing from drugs that had improved my life and restored my breathing, but had caused dreadful and dangerous side effects.  Each time we dropped the dosage, my energy plummeted.  Basic household tasks were all I could manage.  My energy grew slowly as my body increased cortisol production.  Just when I felt better, it was time to reduce dosages and begin the process again.  Talk about a depressing scenario … I gritted my teeth and directed the fire in my eyes towards getting my life back, post-steroid.  I rarely had energy to check email or read the internet, initiate phone calls or visits with friends.  I lost my Facebook and LinkedIn passwords so many times that I haven’t visited those sites in weeks.  I put all my energy into doggedly making it through that darned withdrawal.

When I reached a plateau in late February, any new energy went into digging out of the paperwork that had piled up, and completing two tasks to which I’d committed.  I was so far inside the caves of Withdrawal Land that I didn’t realize how much you folks care and would want to know what was going on.  I feel truly humbled and touched by your presence in my life.

This week I’ve finally emerged into the sunshine.  The steroids are gone.  Paperwork is up-to-date.  Recent commitments were completed successfully.  My breathing is better than it’s been since May 2010.  If I had the stamina to party and dance all night in celebration, I’d do it instantly.  Instead, I’m thrilled to share this moment with you, my faithful readers.

Today I’ll request another set of passwords for Facebook and LinkedIn.  The next step is to record them in a notebook instead of on sticky notes. 

I’m lifting more weight at the gym and walking longer and faster on the treadmill.  I’m reading email and starting to reach out to friends again.  My dogs and I went for a 30-minute hike yesterday.  My stomach flutters as I remember how great it felt.

I’ll probably post on my blog once a week instead of twice. Twice a week was a pretty intense writing schedule for this time in my life.  Blogging once a week should give me more space for my learning curve, other writing projects, and the ebb and flow of my energy.

I’m glad you’re still here.  Thank you.

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