Still on Vacation

The Pacific Coast

I’m on vacation until Wednesday, August 31. Look for a new post on the 31st.

In the meantime, I’ve been out-of-town and on vacation mode at home.  First, there was relaxation in Carmel, then wine-tasting in Sonoma County, and sight-seeing and family time San Francisco.  Here at home, in Los Angeles, I’ve been to the new Dinosaur Hall at the Museum of Natural History (highly recommend it), the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library (my first time in an Air Force One helicopter), Philippe’s Restaurant (yum!), the Angeles Crest Highway in the Angeles Forest (finally, again!), and picnicked at the Point Fermin Lighthouse Park in San Pedro (30 degrees cooler than at home).

I’ve also been de-cluttering the house: cleaning the garage, culling books and papers, and finding room for this year’s “keeper” books. I’ve done tons of reading and have countless random ideas to check out with my blog readers.

See you next week.

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