Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!

efd5372ac1b918c6f09f09c3ee0b3fca[1]Today–Easter–God reminds Christians that in spite of any temporary evidence to the contrary, goodness, love, courage, and life are eternally more powerful than all the evil, suffering, injustice, and death which the world also contains.  The triumph of resurrection over crucifixion occurs not only when our final breath leaves us, but every day in those places where hope comes back to life, courage acts, goodness happens, love is shared, beauty created, life treasured, injustice righted, and light glows in the caves of despair.

Walking at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains this morning, I sang my favorite Easter hymn and decided to share it with you before I go to church in a few minutes.

I pray you will have a blessed Easter if you are within the Christian faith tradition; and if you are not, I pray that as you see the fritzy glizt of our Easter bunnies and chocolate, you will still be touched by the universal truths to which the core of Easter speaks.

Christ Is Risen!  Shout Hosanna!
Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna!
Celebrate this day of days!
Christ is risen! Hush in wonder:
All creation is amazed.
In the desert all-surrounding,
See, a spreading tree has grown.
Healing leaves of grace abounding
Bring a taste of love unknown.

Christ is risen!  Raise your spirits
From the caverns of despair.
Walk with gladness in the morning.
See what love can do and dare.
Drink the wine of resurrection,
Not a servant, but a friend.
Jesus is our strong companion.
Joy and peace shall never end.

Christ is risen! Earth and heaven
Nevermore shall be the same.
Break the bread of new creation
Where the world is still in pain.
Tell its grim, demonic chorus:
“Christ is risen! Get you gone!”
God the First and Last is with us.
Sing Hosanna, everyone!

Words:  Brian Wren, 1986; Tune: “Hymn to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven

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