LOL: The Not-Failed Experiment

Last week, I published Wednesday Wisdom as an experiment.  I tried to include a quote from Alice Walker and a photo.  I seem to be the only person who received the imbedded photo. I hope the quotation and photo actually appear at the top of this post.  Just in case, the relevant quotation is:  “Much of the satisfying work of life begins as an experiment; having learned this, no experiment is ever quite a failure.”

In light of Walker’s wisdom, my experimental Wednesday Wisdom post did not quite fail.  True, it did not do what I hoped for. Some readers received garbled computer text, others received a box with a question mark or an X.  But it was not a total failure because it showed me that what I tried didn’t work, and it provided the impetus for me to keep learning and experimenting.  Yippee!  As Marshall McLuhan says, “The medium is the message.”

This post is another experiment.  I hope the image I created appears this time.  If it does, this will have been a BIG step for Barbara.

Please, please, send me a comment or email letting me know if your version of this blog post includes an image of the Walker quotation and a young girl at a piano.  As far as I can tell, it will, but then, I thought it would last time, too.  Thank you.

Look for another Wednesday Wisdom this week.  I will publish longer posts about every two weeks.




23 thoughts on “LOL: The Not-Failed Experiment

    1. Sue Oertel

      Hi Barbara……. Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hope all is good with you.


      Sue Oertel

      On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Changing Direction wrote:

      > Gradmama2011 commented: “Yes, it worked. Great blog… well done and > entertaining.”

  1. Barbara Browand

    It worked!!!! Great quote and great photo illustrating it. Thank you.

    Barbara Browand

    P.S. I read all your posts and find them inspiring, true, and comforting. Thanks again.

  2. bstebe

    It all worked this time. Two similar quotes that are favorites of mine by the late Dr. Stephan Glenn: “Mistakes are opportunities to learn.” and “Are you looking for blame or looking for solutions?”

  3. sne1230

    We got the picture as well. Thank you for sharing! Your blog brought to mind a wise friend of ours who said something to the effect of ..Mishaps are the key to our success. —Elizabeth

  4. Pat Williams

    I’m happy to know that all my to no avail attempts to figure out last Wednesday”s post were not my fault. I did read the quote and see the little girl at the piano. I look forward to knowing what’s next.


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