We’re Moving to Clean Air

Forest outside Gualala, CAImport 12.05.10 472

Photo by Barbara Anderson

On Wednesday, my husband and I move from Los Angeles to Seattle.  I’ll miss Pasadena, Los Angeles, friends, congregations, and the San Gabriel Mountains.  I’ve loved it here.

I think I will also love Seattle.  When I am walking the dogs in the rain, or lamenting another gray sky, remind me of this thought: I exchanged air pollution that exacerbates my health problems and limits my activities for cleaner air with mist, rain, and a more active life.  I know I breathe better in mist and rain than I do in high ozone and particulates.

This summer was filled with getting our house ready to sell in six weeks, and keeping it clean and staged for open houses. When mid-August came without an offer, we thought we would be here until the end of September.  Just two weeks ago someone submitted a bid on the house with a short escrow of only twenty days.  Yikes.  Hooray.  OMG.  Everything I planned yet to do, including saying some good-byes in person won’t be done, after all.

One more thing:  I developed a systemic infection that not only made me feel really crummy all summer.  It also caused me to lose my balance and fall, breaking my right shoulder.  Of course I am right-handed. The infection was finally diagnosed last week and I spent a few days in the hospital having it treated with IV antibiotics.  I am slowly feeling better.  As a friend said to me, “Why do something the easiest way, Barbara, when you can make it more complicated?”

We’re living among boxes today.  Movers load the truck tomorrow.  One day later we head to the green Northwest.  We still need to find a house so are staying in a dog friendly vacation rental for a few weeks while we look.  Both of us are venturing into unknown territory with a feeling of excitement and anticipation–and a touch of anxiety.  I am eager to be near family, to breathe well, to see my husband thrive in new ministries, and to spread my own wings in new ventures.

We are changing direction and heading around another bend in the road.  Onward!

9 thoughts on “We’re Moving to Clean Air

  1. Judy Hormell

    Well, by now you’ve been in Seattle for about 6 weeks, and I’m wondering how you are doing up there? I really hope you’re feeling better and didn’t get blown away this past weekend. May many blessings abound. Aloha, Judy

  2. Karen Kiser

    God always provides new places for us to live on this earth. Washington is a beautiful state and you will enjoy the cool air. Hope to hear from you in your new journey. Karen

  3. Catherine Haskett Hany

    Wishing you good health, much happiness and adventure in Washington. I know that you’ll be glad to be close to your loved ones and those wonderful grandchildren.

    Will miss you both but have treasured memories of times spent with you and Mark at PPC.

    Enjoy and embrace the adventure!

  4. Sharon Rogers

    Curious that evening “walking the dogs in the rain” brings a smile–your discovering new sights and sounds; dogs being faithful and friendly; those are good options for those first days. I want blessings to abound!

  5. Laura Monteros

    Seattle is a great city! There are lots of things to do and everything is close by. Traffic that seems heavy to Washingtonians is like a breeze to Angelenos. All of my sister’s family lives in Western Washington. I believe there is a requirement that you become a Seahawks fan, though.

  6. Anne Weirich

    Traveling mercies my friend. And I am so excited for this move. Now that it has happened, I feel free to say that I have wondered for many years at your loyalty to a region that fought you every step of the health way. (Except for good doctors!) I’m sure Mark with all his gifts will find wonderful work and just the image you you walking the dogs in the rain makes me smile. Peace. Anne


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